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Google’s New Online Course Will Teach You AI And Machine Learning Concepts For Free

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the most trending topic in the tech world today, with both skeptics and advocates dominating the headlines. Not a day passes without advancement and progress in the artificial intelligence sector, which will soon become mainstream. Now, Google wants to widely open up this technology and make it more accessible to anyone who is interested in machine learning, with its free online course.

Google on Wednesday launched a new website called Learn with Google AI. This educational website is meant to be a information hub for anyone who wants to ‘learn about core machine learning concepts, develop and hone your machine learning skills, and apply ML to real-world problems’. The new website aims to cater everyone starting from students, to curious cats to advanced researchers.

“AI can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform entire industries, which means it’s crucial that AI reflect a diverse range of human perspectives and needs. That’s why part of Google AI’s mission is to help anyone interested in machine learning succeed—from researchers, to developers and companies, to students.” Google’s Zuri Kemp said.

The California-based tech giant has repeatedly stated its goal to democratize artificial intelligence and make its tools available for everyone.

Google’s Learn with Google AI website also features a free course called Machine Learning crash course (MLCC) with TensorFlow APIs. Google originally designed this course for its employees as a part of a two-day boot camp aimed to give practical introduction to machine learning fundamentals. More than 18,000 employees have already enrolled in MLCC, to enhance camera calibration for Daydream devices, build VR for Google Earth, and improve streaming quality at YouTube.

Now, Google is making MLCC available to everyone.The 15 hours online course includes real-world case studies, interactive visualisation, video lectures, 40+ exercise to help teach machine learning concepts.

“MLCC’s success at Google inspired us to make it available to everyone,” Kemp said.

source: https://analyticsindiamag.com/googles-new-online-course-will-teach-ai-machine-learning-concepts-free/

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