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Streaming Solutions for every industry & need … !

Its Different when it is LIVE ! Stream from where you are to the world…

Sets the standard for functionality, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for media streaming to any screen—across a vast array of industries and streaming types.

What We Can Do for Your Industry !!!

Live Video Streaming Solutions for Every One…

Religious Organizations

Perfect for congregations of any size. Deliver a Global Message with your Voice to the World. Reach to the people Globally…


Perfect for schools and universities of any size. Expand your Classroom and reach to Students anywhere in the world. Embrace Streaming…


Stream your Corporate Events globally and connect to your Stakeholders. Expand your Customer Reach …

Live Sports

Perfect for sports organizations and schools of any size. Build your Fan Base without breaking your budget. Stream your Live Sports Events…

Live Events

Perfect for bands or music venues of any size. Connect with your fans during your concerts, backstage Q&As, or press conferences…


Perfect for TV & Radio broadcasters, Agencies and Brands of any size. Reach your audience wherever they are stream your program…

Many Ways of Streaming!

Easily capture and stream live video, solutions as per your need …

Live Video Streaming

Expand your audience and take your services to the next level. Increase your return on investment for equipment you already own. Expand your audience beyond your boundaries and Increase engagement with your congregation. Our Software Engine allows you to quickly and easily capture live or pre-recorded video, audio, music and other media – create professional productions – and broadcast events in real time to web audiences – Quality Live Audio and Video Streaming.

Video on Demand

Video-on-Demand Software (VOD) allows you to concurrently broadcast dozens of different videos to different users anytime and manage media library with ease. You can take full control of broadcasting in the VOD system, whereas your audience can select archive videos any time they like. The archive can be fully customized on your own website. Stream high-definition video on demand to smartphones, tablets, websites, and more. Record and telecast.

Audio-Only Streaming

HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO STREAMING: MUSIC, SPEECH AND SERMONS TO EVERYONE’S EARS – Our Streaming Engine provides streaming solutions designed specifically for audio,empowering audio broadcasters and producers to deliver pro-quality media around the world, to any device. Join event producers, college radio stations, podcasters, and national radio networks, Churches, to reach more listeners by streaming live and archived audio affordably, no matter the audience size.

IP Camera Streaming

Embed IP camera streams into websites and mobile apps to broadcast video without needing a separate encoder. We provide IP camera streaming into websites and mobile apps to broadcast live video content easily and cost-effectively. Also record the video and audio from your IP cameras and archive it for later and with our Streaming Engine, easily use archived files for on-demand playback.


24/7 Internet TV or Web TV has quickly become a great service inclusion for broadcasters of all types and sizes. In today’s highly connected world, it makes sense to stream live and on-demand television programming over the Internet. Showcase and Broadcast your videos at one place in user friendly format by running multiple videos 24/7. Best for Churches and Worship Programs.

Streaming is a method of serving, or delivering, video and audio content over the Internet. As broadband availability has increased and compression standards have become more efficient, streaming has become a hugely popular way to publish high-quality live and on-demand video.!