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Why Streaming ?

World Wide Reach

Live streaming generates increased engagement. People who cannot watch live due to time constraints, Live streaming can make your event accessible 24×7.

Better Network Usage

Streaming uses the network smartly; in not doing progressive download, but sends only small snippets of video that are needed at that moment, rather than whole video files.

Reduce Data-Transfer Costs

Because streaming servers send only the video packets needed for the next few seconds, if a viewer wants to watch just part of a video, you don’t pay for unused data.

Provide Content Security

Streaming ensures that content is not downloaded or cached on users’ devices, lowering the likelihood of unauthorized use, and provide security to content.

Video content made up 64% of global Internet traffic in 2014, and that will rise to 80% by 2019.*

Benefits of Streaming Live!

Provides High Quality

It is important to have live streaming service with a robust infrastructure and a good content delivery network (CDN) to achieve high quality video. A CDN works as a global delivery system that distributes your content using their own server. This is where we provide solid live streaming service with a good CDN. When we broadcast live, we make sure that your stream works perfectly without a hitch.

Wider Audience

Physical events are usually limited to the space available in a particular venue. But with live streaming, you can have audience of any size you wish. People who cannot watch live due to time constraints, Live streaming can make your event accessible 24×7 beyond its actual timing and you can reach anyone remotely in the world as you are no longer limited by geographical and size constraints.

Simple and Ease

A common myth with live streaming is that it’s too difficult and technical to have in place. On the contrary, live streaming can be deceptively simple. All you need is some video and audio equipment, an Internet connection, a streaming platform. And we will provide you with all required Software, support and services. Under guidance you can have uninterrupted live streaming of your programs and events.

Analyse and Track Viewers

It’s important to see the ROI you have made on your live stream. You can evaluate the outcome of your live events with tracking tools and analytic dashboard. Many streaming platforms allows you to see metrics like viewer numbers, engagement, and behaviors. These will help you know who your real customers are. You can then decide on your broadcast, events, viewers’ likes, behaviors and can refine your content and strategy.

Watch on Mobile

Smartphones are in everyone’s hands these days. About half of all video content online is watched on mobile. It’s important to keep up with the times and we make sure your live stream can also be watched on smartphones. Most platforms will let you stream your content to mobiles and tablets through the dynamic HTML5 player. This allows your live stream to be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Cost Effective

live streaming is incredibly cheap. You don’t need any special equipment, software, or hardware. All you need is a laptop, a camera and an active account with a chosen platform, be it Facebook Live or your own website. You don’t need any hosting & platform), live streaming is accessible to anyone in a matter of a click and we offer ad-free viewing hours so you never have to burden with unwanted ads.

Customer support

Using a live streaming service means you will have someone to help you out when problems arise. Since, It can be tricky to troubleshoot technical problems if you have no previous experience. A reliable live streaming service will provide you with customer support and guide you through any difficulties to give you burden free live telecast of your events. This customer support can be on-site or on-line as the case may be.

Streaming is a method of serving, or delivering, video and audio content over the Internet. As broadband availability has increased and compression standards have become more efficient, streaming has become a hugely popular way to publish high-quality live and on-demand video.!