Live Video Streaming Solutions
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Video on Demand

Stream VOD Files to Any Device – Extend your audience reach by streaming prerecorded video to any player and device, over any protocol, from one set of source files.!

Video-on-Demand Software (VOD) allows you to concurrently broadcast dozens of different videos to different users anytime and manage media library with ease. You can take full control of broadcasting in the VOD system, whereas your audience can select archive videos any time they like. The archive can be fully customized on your own website. Stream high-definition video on demand to smartphones, tablets, websites, and more. Record and telecast.

Video On Demand!

24/7 Video on Demand has quickly become a great service inclusion for broadcasters of all types and sizes. In today’s highly connected world, it makes sense to stream live and on-demand viewing over the Internet.

  • Showcase and Broadcast your videos at one place in user friendly format by running multiple videos 24/7 on all 365 days of the year. Best for Churches and Worship Programs.
  • Provide mutiple channels to categorize your different Program and Services.
  • Globally expand your Reach
  • Attention-grabbing communications to audiences worldwide for any business purpose.
  • Instantly connect with your clients and Audience. Build and grow your Business/Audience exponentially.